May. 23rd, 2017

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I spent some of Thursday and Friday of last week doing four Summit on the Air (SOTA) activations. They were only one point summits and it was more an exercise in completeness than anything else. They were all close to Cardiff and Newport in south Wales and the longest walk from the car was only about a mile each way. I used a mixture of techniques for the activations including FM on VHF and SSB and CW on HF.

There was an impressive array of antennas on one of the summits, making my own setup seem quite small by comparison.
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At the weekend I visited my daughter and her family. The main reason being to see my Granddaughter M who is nearly two. She has grown quite a bit in the months since I last saw her and is now talking quite well too! She really likes books, if you sit down then she will bring you one to read.

She is definitely not a "Pink Princess" sort of girl, she much prefers playing with her Duplo and tractor or out in the garden on her small climbing frame and slide!

Here she is in her one Dad-power tractor at a local Garden Centre, she hasn't quite got the hang of the steering yet!

and here in another of her favourites.


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