Jul. 31st, 2016

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I've been doing a lot of radio related restoration work recently. This was due to helping the relatives with the clearance of equipment from a deceased radio ham's house.

Most of the cleared equipment has been, or is being, sold with the proceeds being given by the family to the local radio club.

They expressly asked that as little as possible of the equipment was 'skipped' they would prefer it to go to a good home as a gift instead.

One of the items is a 1945 era mains powered radio by the small radio company "Sobell". Their Model 615 radio was a mistake, it is technically fairly standard for the immediate post war era but they built it into a very large (22" x 16") 1930s style wooden cabinet which turned out to be overly ostentatious for post war austerity.

None of the local radio hams was interested and so I've been working on it myself. Under 70 years of dirt and dust it's in reasonable condition, there were some valves missing, but I've replaced them from my stash.

The back cover is missing, the original would have been made from 'hardboard' so fabricating a replacement will not be difficult.

The mains power lead has crumbling rubber insulation and looks lethal and so that will have to be replaced before I start testing. The set also appears to have been "got at" a little, which is inevitable for one owned by a Radio Ham but nothing that isn't fixable.

It is surprisingly easy to find the technical data and circuit diagrams for domestic equipment from that era and equivalent parts to replace failed components are not difficult to source.


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